“Tension Series 3: Contracted and Expanded” is part of the “Tension Series”, which is a set of explorations combining dynamic drawing with network processes to explore the self-organizing behavior in complex networks. Tension Series 3 explores the expansion and contraction of a network.

This software organizes a network structure using a physics-based simulation. As new nodes and edges are added, the network grows, as the nodes are removed connections break and the network shrinks. During this process, nodes push and pull each other and generate varying tensions on the edges. High tension values generate saturated color, low tension values generate darker color. When the tension rests, nodes and edges turn into black. The canvas is painted with the motion of the network and changing color of nodes and edges.

Tension Series

Tension Series 1, 2007

Tension Series 2: The thing that grows by wiping out its past and present, 2010

Tension Series 3: Contracted and Expanded, 2010

Tension Series are performed live as part of Meta-Control.

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