Selected texts by and about Burak Arıkan
Compilation in progress…

A Comparison of Heterogeneous Blockchain Networks
Mar 18, 2022

Accountability in Decentralized Networks: The MolochDAO Case
Aug 17, 2019

Design Thinking for Blockchains
Co-authored with Engin Erdogan & Cenk Dolek, Apr 26, 2018

The Trump Network
Jan 19, 2017

Data Asymmetries Part II: An Interview with Jussi Parikka
Interview, Carleigh Morgan, Furtherfield, 12 Dec 2016

Data Asymmetries Part I: An Interview with Burak Arikan
Interview, Carleigh Morgan, Furtherfield, 09 Dec 2016

Civic Data Initiatives
Graph Commons Journal, 22 Jun 2016

Analyzing the NPM dependency network
Graph Commons Journal, 5 Apr 2016

Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks
Graph Commons Journal, 28 Jan 2016

An assessment of election self-auditing
3 Nov 2015

Critical Network Mapping
Talk at Eyeo 2014

Turkey’s new internet law: policing the online mall
Co-authored with Jussi Parikka, Open Democracy, 11 Feb 2014

Higher Education Industrial Complex
Co-authored with Zeyno Ustun, 10 Nov 2013

Zeyno Ustun, 7 Feb 2013

Hacktivism, Internet, Art and Technology
Talk with Özgür Uçkan and Ali Miharbi, Empire Project, 26 Jan 2013, Istanbul

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