Collection of visual/kinetic performative artifacts. 21 pieces of custom visual software.

In collaboration with Ali Demirel. Performed with Richie Hawtin’s music.

The image above is from Timewarp 2009, Mannheim, DE.

Selected performance videos

Time Warp, Mannheim, 2007
Club Phazon, Tokyo, 2007
Videos by the audience, 2007


Meta-Control, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France, 2011
Meta-Control, IKSV Salon, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010
Meta-Control, 319 Scholes, New York, US, 2009
Meta-Control, Time Warp Festival, Mannheim, Germany, 2009
Meta-Control, Nocturnal Festival. Los Angeles, CA, US, 2008
Meta-Control, Minitek, New York, US, 2008
Meta-Control, SINK@Reboot, New York, US, 2008
Meta-Control exhibition, Connect the Dots, Hafriyat, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008
Meta-Control, Metamorphose, Tokyo, Japan, 2007
Meta-Control, Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2007
Meta-Control, Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), Detroit, US, 2007
Meta-Control, Club Phazon, Tokyo, Japan, 2007
Meta-Control, Time Warp Festival, Mannheim, Germany, 2007

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