Photograph by Nursel Kaymaz

Burak Arikan is a New York and Istanbul based artist who works with complex networks. He investigates societal issues and develops his findings into abstract machinery, which generates network maps and algorithmic interfaces, results in performances, and procreates predictions to render inherent power relationships visible and discussable. Arikan’s software, prints, installations, and performances have been featured in numerous exhibitions internationally. Arikan is the founder of Graph Commons, a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing, and publishing data-networks.

Arikan has presented his work internationally at institutions including Museum of Modern Art New York, Venice Architecture Biennale, São Paulo Biennial, Istanbul Biennial, Berlin Biennial, Sharjah Biennial, Marrakech Biennial, Ashkal Alwan, Transmediale, Ars Electronica, Sonar, DEMF, Neuberger Museum of Art, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Asia Art Archive, Borusan Contemporary, DEPO, ARTER, SALT and at independent venues such as Art Interactive Cambridge, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Hafriyat, Turbulence (online). He has lectured and did workshops at institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program, The New School, Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici Universtiy, Sabanci University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

Arikan completed his master’s degree at the MIT Media Laboratory in the Physical Language Workshop (PLW) led by John Maeda. Prior to MIT, he received an MA degree in Visual Communication Design from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2004, and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Yildiz Technical University in 2001.


arikan at burak-arikan.com


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge
Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences
Graduated June 2006

Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul
Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design
Graduated June 2004

Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Graduated July 2001

Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances


Designing Hope, Node Forum, Frankfurt, DE

Black Noise, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, TR

The New Observatory, FACT, Liverpool, UK

Playing Hide and Law, Tranzit, Bratislava, SK

The Beauty of Concept, Plato, Istanbul, TR


Data Asymmetry. Solo exhibition, Winchester Gallery, Southhampton, UK


Istanbul. Passion, Joy, Fury, MAXXI, Rome, Italy

6th Moscow Biennial, Moscow, Russia

Le Sens de la Peine, La Terrasse, Nanterre, France

Networks of Dispossession. Big Data Fest, New York Hall of Science, New York, US


Human Economy, HEC, Paris, France

31st São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo, Brazil

Datascape, LABoral, Gijón, Spain

5th Marrakech Biennial, Morocco

Critical Machines, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon

We Are Living on a Star, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Connections Map (1994-2014), Siggraph Conference, Vancouver, Canada


Bunny Smash, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

“Please Do Not Disturb”, TSMD, Ankara, Turkey

13th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey

30th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Home Works 6, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon

11th Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE

Datascape. Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey

“Please Do Not Disturb”, IstanbulModern, Istanbul, Turkey

Scientific Inquiries. Koc University. Istanbul, Turkey

Network of Foundations and Corporations Through Shared Board Members, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany


7th Berlin Biennial, Germany

Nam June Paik Award Exhibition. Bochum, Germany

1st Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey

Truth is Concrete. Graz, Austria


Soft Borders. Upgrade! International. São Paulo, Brazil

Pixxelpoint. Nova Gorica / Gorizia, Italy

Burak. Maçka Sanat Galerisi. Istanbul, Turkey

Becoming Istanbul. SALT. Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control Performance. Gaîté Lyrique. Paris, France

Seven New Work. Borusan Contemporary. Istanbul, Turkey

Where Fire Has Struck. DEPO. Istanbul, Turkey


Second Exhibition. ARTER. Istanbul, Turkey

2nd Antakya Biennial. Antakya, Turkey

When Ideas Become Crime. DEPO. Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control. IKSV Salon. Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Off-spaces. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Germany

“New Media: Why”. Neuberger Museum of Art. Purchase, NY, US

Ergenekon.tc. Delüks. Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control, 319 Scholes, New York, US

Meta-Control. Time Warp Festival. Mannheim, Germany

MediaSpace. Film Winter. Stuttgart, Germany


Meta-Control, Nocturnal Festival. Los Angeles, CA, US

Meta-Control, Minitek, New York, US

Meta-Control Performance, SINK@Reboot, New York, US

Connect the Dots, Hafriyat, Istanbul, Turkey

BoDIG, Istanbul, Turkey

After The Net, Observatori, Valencia, Spain

MYPOCKET, Turbulence.org, New York, US


Amber 07. Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control. Metamorphose. Tokyo

Tershane. Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control. Sonar Festival. Barcelona, Spain

Meta-Control. Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF). Detroit, US

Meta-Control. Club Phazon. Tokyo, Japan

Meta-Control. Time Warp Festival. Mannheim, Germany


A Stock Market in Life. Upgrade! International. Simultaneously in Istanbul, Munich, Boston, Oklahoma City

Venice Architecture Biennale. Central Pavilion. Venice, Italy

Collision Nine. Art Interactive. Cambridge, MA, US


Collision el Ocho, Art Interactive. Cambridge, MA, US

Seamless Fashion Show, MIT Media Laboratory. Cambridge, MA, US

Talks & Workshops


Talk at Glossary of Commons Conference. M+Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Creative and Critical Use of Big Data. Decol Series. Aksanat, Istanbul, Turkey

Talk at United Nations Development Program, Development Results, Istanbul, Turkey

Workshop at United Nations Development Program, Development Results, Istanbul, Turkey

Lecture on Mapping Parliament Processes at United Nations, Istanbul, Turkey

Creative and Critical Use of Big Data. Alternative Informatics Meetings, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Lecture. Masters of Debate, The New School for Social Research, New York, US

Talk at Transparent Governance, Transparency International, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. Dokuz8Haber, Izmir, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. Transmediale, Berlin, Germany

“Map is the territory” talk with Jussi Parikka. Transmediale, Berlin, Germany

Graph Commons Hackathon: Creative use of complex networks. Atolye, Istanbul, Turkey


Networks at The Transparency Series. The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Columbia University, New York, US

Big data commons in conversation with Gulay Ozkan. Medyascope TV, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop, 6th Moscow Biennial, Moscow, Russia

Conversation in Acik Dergi, Acik Radyo, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Hackathon: Structured Journalism and Network Mapping, Chamber of Architects, Istanbul, Turkey

Talk at Ibraaz “Dissonant Archives” event, SALT Galata, 4th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey

Investigative Journalism in Traditional and Alternative Media. Transparency International, Istanbul, Turkey

Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks, Le Printemps Des Laboratoires, Paris, France

Something You Should Know. School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), Paris, France

Graph Commons Workshop. Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

Graph Commons Workshop at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA, US


Graph Commons Workshop. Hackerspace, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. Atolye, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. Aciliyet Mektebi SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. 1Umut Association, Istanbul, Turkey

Graph Commons Workshop. Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), Geneva, Switzerland

Talk at Digital Labor Conference. The New School, New York, US

Cartographies of Power Workshop. 31st São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo, Brazil

Internet Ungovernance Forum. Alternative Informatics Association, Istanbul, Turkey

Populations on the Front Lines. RightsCon Silicon Valley, San Francisco, US

Acting in Translation. Siggraph 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Critical Network Mapping talk at Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis, US

Data, Art & Ethics in a Post-Snowden World with Ashkan Soltani, Jer Thorp, Kate Crawford, and Sarah Williams. Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis, US

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop, ITP CAMP 2014, New York, US


Creative Use of Complex Networks, E3 Architecture & Design Conference, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Creative Networking Workshop. Center For Transformative Media, Parsons The New School for Design, New York, US

Networks of Dispossession. GEZI NYC Forums, New York, US

Creative Use of Complex Networks. Bilkent Cyberpark, Ankara, Turkey

Critical Network Mapping. Talk Turkey Conference, New York, US

Critical Network Mapping. Fritt Ord Foundation, Oslo, Norway

Save as: Social Memory Conference. SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey

A Critical Network Traversal, Home Works, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon

Creative Networking Workshop, New Museum, New York, US

Lecture: Network as a Creative and Critical Medium, AA Visiting School, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop, Former West, HKW, Berlin, Germany

Graph Commons on Mapping Relations Of Funding And Knowledge, Former West, Berlin, Germany

Graph Commons Networking Workshop, 11th Sharjah Biennial, United Arab Emirates

Talk at March Meeting, 11th Sharjah Biennial, United Arab Emirates

Talk on Hacktivizm, Internet, Technology and Art with Ozgur Uckan and Ali Miharbi, Empire Project, Istanbul, Turkey

Selling Snails in the Muslim Neighborhood, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany


Structures and Networks Panel, New Museum IdeaCity Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

Keynote at Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks Conference, Leonardo, NetSci, Chicago, US

Everyone For Themselves: Mapping the Art World, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Creative and Critical Network Mapping, 7th Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Germany

Graph Commons Creative Networking Workshop, The University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Philadelphia, US

Creative Network Mapping Workshop, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

Urban Environmental Network Analysis Workshop, ITU Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping & Analysis in Architecture, ITU Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey


“Who owns the traces we leave in the city?” 90 Depar, SALT. Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk. Macka Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk. Contemoprary Istanbul, Turkey

Meta-Control Performance with Klaustro, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. Performa, New York, US

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. General Assembly, New York, US

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. Xanadu Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. Xindanwei, Shanghai, China

Artist Talk. Xindanwei, Shanghai, China

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. ITU Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk. ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. ITU Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey


Düğümküme Meetings. Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop. Amber’10 Datacity, Istanbul, Turkey

The network does not exist, it has to be created, CHANCE Conference, Aix-en-Provence, France

Digital Networks and the Politics of Urban Governmentality Panel, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping Workshop, 4th Upgrade!International Conference, São Paulo, Brazil

SIDU Network Mapping Workshop, Helsinki Citizens’ International Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey

Real Time Rome. Yapyaşa Lectures, Amber Platform, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping Workshop, AKD, Ankara, Turkey

Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop, Curabodrum, Bodrum, Turkey

Free Fall Symposium. Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey


User Labor, Digital Labor Conference The New School, New York, US

Facebook User Labor Enactments, Digital Labor Conference The New School, New York, US

NGO Network Mapping Workshop, Paris, France

Meta-Control performance, 319 Scholes, New York, US

Relative Positions and Conclusions. Suriye Pasaji, Istanbul, Turkey

NGO Network Mapping Workshop. Istanbul, Turkey Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

NGO Network Mapping Workshop. Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey

Network Mapping Workshop. Kayitdisi, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk. Upgrade! Network, Istanbul, Turkey

Lecture. Bogazici University Complex Systems Research Lab, Istanbul, Turkey

“On Social Networks”. Upgrade! Network, Istanbul, Turkey


Artist talk, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York, US

Artist talk, Yildiz Teknik University Department of Art and Design, Istanbul, Turkey

MYPOCKET and Meta-Markets. Contemporary Art Talks, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey

Creative Networking Workshop. RISD. Providence, RI, US

Creative Networking Workshop. MIT / VAP. Cambridge, MA, US

MYPOCKET. Inscrutable and Polymorphous, Dorkbot, Location One Gallery, New York, US

Meta-Markets presentation, BarCampMoneyNYC, New York, US

Turbulence Mixed Realities Symposium. Emerson College. Boston, MA, US


Creative Networking Workshop. ITU TBT / Amber Festival. Istanbul, Turkey

Artist talk. Marmara University Film School. Istanbul, Turkey

Terms&Conditions. 400Seconds. Istanbul, Turkey

Generative Arts. Aksanat. Istanbul, Turkey

Intel / IFTF Sensors & Sensemaking Expert Workshop. Palo Alto, CA, US

Re-construction of Informational Space. Upgrade! International. Istanbul, Turkey


Open I/O. Pecha Kucha. Istanbul, Turkey

Computational Design Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Computational Design Workshop, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Computational Design Workshop, ITU Department of Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey

Real Time Rome. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Collective Systems Design. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Simplicity panel, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Open I/O. ISEA. San Jose, CA, US


Flexible Screen Applications, Toshiba Research Center, Tokyo, Japan

Recent work from the Physical Language Workshop, AIGA, Boston, MA, US


Programming Media Workshop. Istanbul Bilgi University. Istanbul, Turkey


Camera-n. International Interactive Media Design Symposium. Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey



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Ensar map created using Graph Commons published on Birgun Newspaper Cover April 21st, 2016, Turkey

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Digital Information Design Camp. MIT Media Laboratory. Cambridge, US


9/11 Photographs. 9/11 New York-Istanbul. Homer Press. Istanbul, Turkey

Articles & Interviews


Turkey’s Attempted Coup and Social Media, BBC News

Ora che l’Europa è assediata riusciremo a unirci attorno a un ideale, Corriere della Sera

Turkish Contemporary Art 2.0, LA Review of Books

Gigantic Jelly Blobs and 1000 Handshakes: The Best of Transmediale, The Creators Project


Biennali d’autunno. Mosca, Artribune

Araştırmacı gazetecilikte açık veritabanı dönüşümü, Onur Erem, Birgun

Art is slippery: 6 ways you can use it to build peace, DevEx

Cornell Council for the Arts awards 33 project grants, Cornell Chronicle

Graph Commons, l’outil activiste pour cartographier l’info, Makery.info


“Marrakech Biennale: fifth edition – Where are we now?”, Harriet Thorpe, Studio International. New York, NY, March 24, 2014

Datascape. What you see may not be what you get. We Make Money Not Art. April 19, 2014

Für Erdogan ist das Internet nichts weiter als eine Shopping Mall, Motherboard, Vice.

Turkey’s new internet law: policing the online mall, OpenDemocracy

Cultura de bajo consumo y alta potencia. Nokton Magazine

Ouverture de la 5ème Biennale de Marrakech, Nouvelle Tribune

Cuando los datos cambian el arte, La Nueva España

Stor interesse for samtidskunst på Høvikodden, MyNewsdesk (pressemelding), Oslo

L’opposition citoyenne des geeks: et si c’était ça le (nouveau) modèle turc?, Ariane Bonzon, Slate

Biennale di Marrakech, l’arte ai tempi della Primavera Araba, Sky.it

Despite ‘Outrage’ Over Twitter Ban, Turks Hold Off on Street Protests, Mashable Mar 27, 2014

Just north of tyranny in Syria, Turkey turns more authoritarian every day, Fusion

Las trampas del mundo interpretado, eldiario.es

Everyone’s a Critic, Artforum


Design Fiction: “Bunny Smash” at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Bruce Sterling, 10.27.13

Story image for “Burak Arikan”, Madridiario, Spain

Smashing ideas on future design and technology. The Japan Times, Tokyo

‘Kentsel dönüşüm lobisi’ ağa takıldı!, Radikal, Turkey

Turkish Artists Respond To The Wave Of Protests Rocking Their Country, Huffington Post, US

Istanbul Biennial: best of times, worst of times, Financial Times, US

Sharjah Biennial prepares for its 11th art exhibition, The National
Public Relations, ArtForum

Yağmalanan Müşterekler ve Çıkar İlişkileri: Mülksüzleştirme Ağları, Cihan Uzunçarşılı Baysal, Acik Radyo

New York Gezi’yi tartıştı: Gezi’de bir ütopya gerçekleştirildi, T24

Kentsel dönüşüm lobisi bienalde, Radikal

Üniversite ilişkiler ağı haritalandı, Radikal

Tatil hayalleri kuran sergi, Yasemin Bay, Milliyet


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Ergenekont.tc interview, NTV. Istanbul

Ergenekont.tc interview, CNN Turk. Istanbul

Ergenekon.tc interview, HABERTURK TV. Istanbul

Ergenekon.tc interview, Radikal. Istanbul

Ergenekon.tc interview, SABAH. Istanbul

Ergenekon.tc interview, Hurriyet. Istanbul

Susan Hodara. ‘New Media’: Brain Trees, DNA, Receipts… and Bells, New York Times

Burak Arikan Ergenekon Iddianamesini Sanat Katti, Evrim Altug, Sabah, Feb 17 2009


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“Interview with Burak Arikan”. We Make Money Not Art. Online

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“Tech for art’s sake”. The Boston Globe. Boston

Advisory Boards


Alternative Informatics Association, Turkey


Digital Communities. Prix Ars Electronica. Linz

Amber Festival. Istanbul


Digital Communities. Prix Ars Electronica.Linz

Amber Festival. Istanbul

Academic Appointments


Fellow in Technology and the Arts, Center for Transformative Media, Parsons The New School for Design, New York


Creative Networking. Adjunct Faculty. ITP, Tisch School of Arts. NYU. New York


Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (MAS 110). TA for Prof. John Maeda. MIT. Cambridge, MA


Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (MAS 110). TA for Prof. John Maeda. MIT. Cambridge, MA

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