Today I put up the documentation of ARB.This is an experiment for exploring the growth of a dynamic network. I started to work on ARB in the summer of 2006, it is an earlier version of TENSE. A dynamic spring network begins with a few nodes; simplicity at its best. Then I start to add … Continued Needs Your Support

Turbulence MUST raise $25,000 by December 31, 2007. I’ve been reading and learning from Turbluence for the past 5 years. They not only publish but also organize events and support artists (see the past comissions). Turbulence is unique in their effort and a great motivation for networked arts. We owe them a lot. No need … Continued

Junk Jet Release

Junk Jet is a fanzine for electronics and aesthetics. When they asked some work from me, I was immediately psyched by their mix of retro web style and cybernetic concepts. I participated to the first issue with Micro Fashion Network and Open I/O. Just to recap what these are again. Micro Fashion Network is a … Continued

Terms & Conditions

I am back in NYC. I put up the documentation of Terms & Conditions, which was exhibited at the Tobacco Warehouse during the Amber Festival in Istanbul. Terms & Conditions are often written for legal regulations but they are never read by consumers, as a result consumers are often exploited by agreeing on these unreadable … Continued

Meta-Control in Istanbul

I’ve been doing a series of events in Istanbul for the last ten days. These include the Terms&Conditions show at the Amber Festival exhibition, lectures on generative and networked arts at Aksanat and Marmara University, Meta-Control performance at the Dugumkume party, and the Networked Arts Workshop at ITU TBT. The last event will be another … Continued

I Sell My Facebook Profile on Meta-Markets

I work for Facebook everyday but I am not getting paid. In their recent Social Ads announcement Facebook says “It is an ad-supported service. It is a free service.” Pause. Did we sign a contract? How do you measure my labor and serve accordingly? I don’t know how you measure the value of my informational … Continued

Open Social to Distribute 3 Things: Myself, My Relationships, and My Life

A new open web API called OpenSocial enables developers to create social web applications that can run on any social network platform that has the Open Social interface standards. It is released by Google and a wide range of partners including Orkut, LinkedIn, Ning, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster,, Oracle, Viadeo, iLike, Flixster, RockYou, and Slide. … Continued

Eduardo Kac & Alain Badiou: Life Extreme: An Illustrated Guide to the New Life

This book is recommended to me by today. Among all the spam recommendations I get from Amazon, this is probably the first book I care. Amazon’s recommendation algorithm is probably getting better by adapting itself to my shopping behavior. If I buy this new book, I will give feedback to the algorithm and increase … Continued

The Average Congressman of the Turkish Parliament

“Eigenvekil” (“eigen deputy”) is a new piece by Ali Miharbi, now on show at Karsi Art gallery in Istanbul. Eigenvekil is the statistical average of the pictures of all the 550 congressmen in the current Turkish Parliament. A camera-PC-screen installation, where you can see the statistical reflection of all the congressmen on your face. To … Continued

I am wordless today. This image better tells what I feel.

Optimism in the Age of Global War

Image from the Bored-er series, 2005 10th International Istanbul Biennial kicks off tomorrow (Sep 7). Biennial’s conceptual framework is set by the curator Hou Hanru: “Not Only Possible, But Also Necessary: Optimism in the Age of Global War” I contribute to the exhibitions with a series of blur photographs I call Bored-er (2005). It will … Continued

10 Days in San Francisco

I just came to San Francisco. I will be around for a week or so. Great weather here.

Temporary Land

“Temporary Land”, 2005 This was a study for exploring the relationship between the city grid and the typographic grid. In the summer of 2005, I designed a type face and a process to type. The image above is generated by three processes: me typing those words, the program deciding on the size each time I … Continued

The Market of Spectacles

I’ve been developing a new online stock market for the past two months. The alpha version will be up soon. Hopefully it will help people to retain the value of their immaterial labor in social web services. This is the continuation of my A Stock Market in Life project and experiments done in the Physical … Continued

The Long Tail of iPhone

Check out the iPhone waiting line happening in front of the Apple Store 5th Ave, New York. This is a concrete Long Tail. I got some live YouTube videos and Flickr streaming.

1899 European Geopolitics

“Angling in Troubled Waters” map by cartographer Fred W. Rose shows the European geopolitical situation in 1899. If you look at the details (see the larger version) you will see some countries such as Russia, UK, and Ottoman Empire are fishing. What do they catch? Blogger Catholicgauze says: “…their ‘catches’ are in fact colonial possessions.” … Continued

Will you opt-out of allowing Google to service your Feedburner account?

After the feed stats company Feedburner is acquired by Google, the AdWords integration to feeds became the dominant discussion. Great! Your blog business can now be managed from a single Google interface right. This also means that your blog traffic data change hands. Feedburner puts a notice in their sign in interface saying that you … Continued

Meta-Control at DEMF

I will do a performance with Ali Demirel and Richie Hawtin at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) tomorrow (May 27). Meta-Control is an ongoing collection of visual/kinetic performative artifacts. The collection started with the reincarnation of the selected pieces in Dynamic Compositions I did back in 2003. The software pieces in the Meta-Control collection … Continued

Oolong Tea

I am currently having Oolong Tea and I felt I should post something. It’s been a while. This is going to be a whatever comes kind of post. I sometimes feel like I am not interested in anything when I hit the network. You know all that news, stats, things, books, art works, discussions, links. … Continued

Back to the Future of Sensemaking

Yesterday I participated in the Intel/IFTF Humans, Sensors and Sensemaking workshop in Palo Alto California. It was a day-long expert brainstorming workshop to create a roadmap of 5-6 year opportunities in ‘Sensemaking’ assuming humans interacting with sensors using non-trivial amounts of computation. I had a chance to interact with visionary researchers such as Eric Paulos, … Continued

Open Service Provider

This is a contribution to the discussion started with Trebor Scholz‘s “A critique of sociable web media” email on the IDC mailing list. So what can we do against networked exploitation? I think an obvious strategy is to exploit those exploiters. Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) and Amazon Noir are good examples for finding the … Continued

Meta-Control at Time Warp Festival

I will do a performance with Ali Demirel and Richie Hawtin at the Time Warp festival in Mannheim, Germany on April 1st. It will start at 7 am on sunday morning. Yes for the vampires! There will be no lazer shows nor fog machines, just the visual software set we call Meta-Control. Most part of … Continued

Support GWEI!

Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) project is the powerful critique of the networked monopoly Google. GWEI website is currently censored on Google search indexes. Give them a link in your website so that people can reach the project. Image from Hans Bernhard‘s presentation.


Online stock market for social web profiles


Tension Series No 1: Aggregated signals from the growth of a networked system

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions of five social web services are re-written using a custom typeface

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