Meta-Control at DEMF

I will do a performance with Ali Demirel and Richie Hawtin at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) tomorrow (May 27). Meta-Control is an ongoing collection of visual/kinetic performative artifacts. The collection started with the reincarnation of the selected pieces in Dynamic Compositions I did back in 2003. The software pieces in the Meta-Control collection have a single organizing principle: the control mechanisms are not hidden, and often explicit.

Meta-Control pieces have been performed at Time Warp 2007, Mannheim and Club Phazon, Tokyo. Both performances were done with Riche Hawtin’s music. After DEMF, Meta-Control will be performed at Sonar Festival, Barcelona. We still work on the documentation but here are some videos found on YouTube:


Meta-Control at the Time Warp 2007 Festival, Mannheim, Germany.

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