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Junk Jet is a fanzine for electronics and aesthetics. When they asked some work from me, I was immediately psyched by their mix of retro web style and cybernetic concepts. I participated to the first issue with Micro Fashion Network and Open I/O. Just to recap what these are again. Micro Fashion Network is a low-res sampling scheme for the fashion system. By sensing the colors of the clothing of people on the street, it extracts a color relationship diagram over time. Open I/O is a platform to compose distributed physical media by exchanging sensor data over the Internet. I am looking forward to see the first issue of Junk Jet.

On their website they describe Junk Jet as:

Junk Jet deals with tinkering (bricoler, basteln), with forms and found objects, with theories and (small) narratives, with fashions and styles, and of course with computers and other electronic devices. It is about exploring do-it-yourself works, accidental outcomes, deviant and normal aesthetic forms that result from misused media, subverted customary tools, and jammed common practices. It is about cultivating an anti heart by “introducing noise to signal”: by distorting the digital hype and collapsing the technological seduction.

Junk Jet is currently doing the release event in Stuttgart. 2/5BZ Serhat Köksal from Istanbul is doing an audio-visual show that you don’t want to miss. Among many participants the first issue include Olia Lialina, Future Farmers, Matthew Fuller, Amy Alexander, and Jan Jalinek.

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