Status Update

This site does not have DDos attacks. Lets get busy here.

  1. From now on the blog address is All past permalinks work with redirection.

  2. is now dynamic. Single UNIFIED RSS FEED for all the content. One love one feed. Be it a new project, new documentation, text, interview, talk, workshop, blog post, news item, announcement all streaming to you in a single feed. Update your feed eaters accordingly.

  3. Multilingual interface multilingual content. English / Turkish.

  4. Currently in New York, hot and wet, will be in San Francisco second half of August. September, in Istanbul. I may stop by Venice first week. October, I will be serving for the Turkish Military. Yes this is real, this is mandatory. November, I will be at the conference, “Internet as a Playground and Factory“.

  5. New works for 2010 started. Watch here or watch my machine readables elsewhere.

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