New Design New Things

I decided to use this space more actively. Besides occasional updates, commentary, and links, I will also run experiments and share unfinished sketches. I guess like an extension of my studio.

To start with, I’ve added a MYPOCKET widget on the side bar. It shows what I buy everyday, and what will I buy next day. Yes you can always find future here, at least my future, before it happens.

Then I updated the typography, colors, link style, fonts size, and layout proportions. Back to defaults in colors, I used WC3’s web accessibility standard colors this time. Links #0000EE and underlined, visited links #552299. You’ve probably tried the search box logo before, if not do not hesitate to type your own name in the text box. Also did some background action, put the satellite picture of the most hated Incirlik U.S. army base in Turkey (map), this is by now the largest U.S. nuclear weapon base in Europe. Guess why?

I updated the blog to the new WordPress 2.6. Long waited plugin auto-update feature works really well. The editor is more stable. I like the new word count feature, this post is 391 words. It makes more sense in the post-Twitter world.

Cleaned up my drafts, deleted some of them, updated the titles. Now there are just 4-5 planned posts. I use these drafts like a notebook, paste things randomly, then go over them, and build into a post depending on my motivation. Sometimes a Twitter discussion can turn into a blog post, you never know.

I’ve been using Twitter more often. I gather some time related data from my online activity, I will write about it in a future post, planned in those 4-5 drafts. Added a twitter widget on the side, which posts the new entries to Twitter and shows my tweets here.

The Delicious widget has been flaky since the new version, which I don’t like. I am looking for an alternative, a more sincere social bookmarking system. The only reason I use delicious is that I have friends and people I admire who share bookmarks. No other reason really, if we all decide to move somewhere else, I am not going to think a second.

You can find more social web services I use in the Machine Readables list on the sidebar.

Ok cutting here. Got to work on the other posts.

6 responses to “New Design New Things

  1. Burak, this is looking lovely.

    I’m with you about delicious. After their slick, less legible redesign I have no remaining attachment. You and other good bookmarking friends are my only reason for staying.

    Let’s look for an alternative and rally our networks to switch. Or let’s build one, and keep memberships invite only…

  2. I’m with you and Brent on delicious. I totally lost loyalty when they took all the dots out of their name. Or was it when their browser plug-in shat all over firefox 3, one of the two, I forget.

    Anyway, count me in for a migration – as long as it’s minimal like was. Oh, and it should tell me where I saw a link first, so I can attribute link inheritance karma properly.

  3. Hi Brent, hi Ben, yeah I feel like we need a kind of a p2p bookmark sharing model. A firefox plugin? And yes perpetual invite only!

  4. Burak, the new design looks great! I like the classic blue. And do keep me updated on where you take your network …

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