Turbulence Mixed Realities Symposium

Today I am leaving to Boston to attend the Turbulence Mixed Realities Symposium. It is an exhibition and symposium that explores the convergence—through cyberspace—of real and synthetic places made possible by computers and networks. Well, what is mixed reality?

Mixed Reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact in real-time.

With the panel participants we’ve done a teleconference session to layout the panel topics. Based on our discussions, panel moderators Gene Koo and Eric Gordon posted the tentative plans on their blogs:

Please participate by asking your own questions in the comments of these blogs. We will try to address them in the panel.

Join the panel in Second Life location (Emerson Island)
Ask and vote questions live at Backchannel

In terms of economy, I think there is no virtual vs. physical separation, they are extensions of each other. Micro-labor on the social web has lots in common with the labor in Second Life and World of Warcraft type environments. I will to raise questions about the closeness of these worlds, discuss how micro-labor relates to micro-politics, bring in pragmatic approaches, and discuss the resonance, as Maurizio Lazzarato puts it, between neo-archaism and hyper-modernity.

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