Talk at Eyeo Festival 2014, Minneapolis

I will be giving a talk on the creative and critical uses of complex networks, tomorrow at Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis, more info below, come say hi. Also we will do a panel session on Data, Art & Ethics in a Post-Snowden World with Ashkan Soltani, Jer Thorp, Kate Crawford, and Sarah Williams.

Critical Network Mapping

Wednesday / 11:35 — 12:20 / McGuire Theater

By experience, we do have the sense that it is networks where power resides and circulates. Yet, we end up failing as active agents, who, hands on, have the means of criticizing complex networks. Arikan’s talk will discuss this issue through his recent work, starting from MyPocket (2008) raising questions on the predictability of everyday living; discussing the invisible power dynamics within the contemporary art ecosystem with Artist Collector Network (2011-); traversing the visual language of official tourism commercials with Monovacation (2013); finally narrating a selection of network maps collectively created on Graph Commons, platform for collaborative network mapping and a knowledge base of relationships that Arikan has been maintaining since 2011.

Panel: What a Difference a Year Makes: Data, Art & Ethics in a Post-Snowden World – Ashkan Soltani, Burak Arikan, Jer Thorp, Kate Crawford, Sarah Williams

Wednesday / 4:00 — 4:45 / Cinema

On June 5th, 2013, The Guardian announced the leak of thousands of classified documents by NSA contractor Edward Snowden. These revelations (and others) have sparked a global conversation about data, privacy & ethical responsibility. Join a group of artists, theorists, researchers and practitioners for a discussion on what has changed, and how the Eyeo community can learn from and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

Eyeo program


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