Re-construction of Informational Space

Murat Germen and I will be presenting some work at Upgrade! Istanbul Meeting in Istanbul Bilgi University. The discussion will go around re-construction of informational space. If you are around Istanbul, please come over.

Feb 22 (today) 6pm
Istanbul Bilgi University, Dolapdere, Z-08.

Here is the announcement at the Upgrade! website:

Space is usually defined / experienced as a physical entity; yet, we recently began to observe that the notion of ‘space’ can exist / be perceived / used as a non-physical organism by means of interactive media and virtual environment applications in the computer platform. Such creations bring new definitions of “space” and can be named as “informational space” or “cognitive space”. As a result, it is possible to talk about a process of re-constructing space. While Burak Arikan pursues this process by creating pieces involving computer networks and using the concepts of connectivity, collectivity; Murat Germen follows a similar path within the realm of digital photography and also computational design studies that he conducts with colleagues from Sabanci University.

Upgrade! Istanbul is a monthly gathering for new media artists, academicians, practitioners, curators and for all of the other actors of digital culture, organized by NOMAD and hosted by SantralIstanbul.

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