Penal Systems Network, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo


Penal Systems Network, a network map of world’s penal systems that evoke controversy is at Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter “We are living on a star” exhibition, January 30th–April 27th, 2014.

The Hannah Ryggen tapestry We are living on a star is the leitmotif for the exhibition. The tapestry hung in the government building in Oslo was bombed July 22, 2011. This exhibition intends to investigate the wound after July 22, with the concept of normality as its point of departure.

Burak Arikan, Doug Ashford, Julian Blaue, Martin Braathen med Marius Engh, Even Smith Wergeland og Superunion Architects, Marthe Ramm Fortun, Hanne Friis, Else Marie Hagen, Silje Linge Haaland, Per-Oskar Leu, Lotte Konow Lund, Jumana Manna, Eline McGeorge, Eva Rothschild, Hannah Ryggen, Ahlam Shibli and Javier Téllez.

Tone Hansen and Marit Paasche

Penal Systems Network is a relational mapping of world’s penal systems that evoke controversy: A network map of world countries connected to juridical topics whether or not they are being exercised and how they are being exercised such as life imprisonment, parole, indefinite sentence, and amnesty. This network map provides a comparison of penalties at scale between countries and legal systems. The network map is a self-organizing software system, where the layout is organized based on the connections, showing both similarities and differences between countries, central penalties, and peripheral penalties.

Research by Zeyno Ustun

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