Diagrams of emerging roles and art exhibiting, buying, collecting activities in OPENSTUDIO (2005-2008), an experimental art economy platform developed and maintained by the MIT Media Lab Physical Language Workshop group.

Learn more about OPENSTUDIO.

Featured in AD (Architectural Design Magazine) no. 180: Collective Intelligence in Design. 2007 Christopher Hight and Chris Perry, Wiley-Academy Press, London. View the section Collective Cognition: Neural Fabrics and Social Software.

This experimental internet project exposes the traditionally opaque processes of valuation, marketing and exchange of creative production, developing over time. In doing so, it provides a dynamic participatory space for learning about the underlying mechanism surrounding pricing and exchange of art. In all of the graphs shown here, the intensity of the relationships is shown by the width of the connection. The nodes are distributed on their connectivity, with higher connectivity nodes biased towards the right.

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