Open Meeting & Workshop, 6th Moscow Biennial

I will be doing an open meeting and a workshop titled “Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks” at the 6th Moscow Biennial on September 29th and 30th, from 15:00 to 16:30. Participants will map critical relationships about the issues that impact them and their communities. The lecture and the workshop will focus on the design and understanding of complex networks through mapping and visual analysis in order to expand the individual’s thinking about the network as a creative and critical medium.

1st session on Sep 29th 15:00-16:30 will be a lecture and discussion on how to map and read network maps.

2nd session on Sep 30th 15:00-16:30 will be hands-on mapping with Arikan. Also, the Graph Commons platform will be used during the workshop for mapping networks. Bring your laptop if you want to try it.

The resulting works will be presented within the documentary exhibition of Moscow Biennale 2015.

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