NGO Network Mapping Workshop, Paris

Will do a two day network mapping workshop with 30 NGOs from France and Turkey. This is the second meeting of the Civil Society Workshop series started in Istanbul May 2009, where NGOs made hands on network maps of their organizations and issues. After the Istanbul workshop, NGOs did research in their respective fields –such as human rights, migration, education– and collected relational data, which are then computed, analyzed and visualized to be discussed in the Paris workshop 19-20 September, 2009.

See the maps and presentations from the first workshop, Istanbul, May 2009

Anti-nuclear Movement Diagrams (first hand-made then computed) from the Istanbul Workshop, May 2009 (click on the image to enlarge):



The Civil Society Workshop aims that the NGOs working on the basis of advocacy with a rights based agenda in different fields in France and Turkey discover ways of collaboration on various levels with each other. During the workshops, strategic mapping exercise has been/will be used as the methodological tool to display the network of relations that the NGOs work within. At the end of this program, participants will be expected to be able to offer concrete suggestions on the ways their organizations could collaborate/work together with the counterpart organization in Turkey/France.

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