“Micro Fashion Network” delves into the dynamics of the fashion system, characterized by the ever-evolving styles and the role of mass media in shaping the public’s perception of clothing. This project, set in the streets of Cambridge, aims to capture the essence of fashion trends through two fundamental elements: color and time.

Utilizing a fixed camera and custom software, the artwork processes and stores the dominant colors of people moving through Cambridge’s bustling neighborhoods. Over time, these colors link to form a complex network. Colors that are similar connect, creating a visual representation of fashion trends as they evolve. This method follows a preferential attachment model, leading to a power-law distribution where certain colors become dense hubs within the network.

The final presentation of the project offers three distinct artistic interpretations: captured human figures, abstract representations of color information in box forms, and a detailed complex network of interconnected colors.

In collaboration with Ben Dalton.

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