Meta-Control, Minitek, New York

Sep 12th, Friday at Minitek Festival, New York.
Penn Plaza, 401 7th avenue (between 33rd and 34th st) right in front of Madison Square Garden.

This a 3 day party (12-14 Sep) of electronic music and art. I will perform three new pieces and new versions from the Meta-Control set (starting at 3am). Also Paul Prudence is performing on Saturday, Marius Watz is showing his Neon Organic, and James Patten is showing his super self-actuated table in the innovation pavilion.

Peter Kirn of CDM recently wrote about the event.

* Photo from the Meta-Control performance at TimeWarp 2007, Mannheim. In collaboration with Ali Demirel, performed with Richie Hawtin’s music.

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