Mapping Internet Governance, UngovForum Istanbul and São Paulo Biennial

We’ve kicked off a new collective mapping work on the processes that shape the evolution of the Internet, Mapping Internet Governance.

Mapping Internet Governance

Already a pressing global issue, internet governance debates are taking place across a range of different fora often referred to as an ecosystem. With the revelations of mass government surveillance, the frequency, intensity, and stakes of internet governance debates have heightened in the last year and this trend promises to continue. At the core of such debates is the future of fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, privacy, access to knowledge, and access to affordable internet, but also how to decision-making process can become more open, transparent, participatory, accountable, and democratic.

Mapping Internet Governance, a collective data compiling and mapping project, traces the relations between the internet governance events, processes, and organizing institutions. The map covers the past 2 years with an effort to better focus civil society advocacy by understanding where main discussions about global internet governance are taking place.

This mapping is a work in progress. It is meant to be a living document, reflecting developments in the dynamic internet governance space, including evolving relationships between institutions and processes. We are seeking input for additional information to keep the mapping up-to-date and reflect the current state of play.

Please send your input to:

Mapping Internet Governance is initiated by Joana Varon, Deborah Brown, Lea Kaspar, Burak Arikan. Mapping is powered by the Graph Commons platform.

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