Inscrutable and Polymorphous at Dorkbot-NYC


I will do a presentation at Dorkbot-NYC on Wednesday (March 5). I will talk about my recent projects MYPOCKET, the personal spending prediction software (earlier post), and Meta-Markets, an experimental stock market for trading socially networked creative products.

Other presenter Noel Hidalgo will talk about his amazing project the Luck of Seven, an open-source journey around the world documenting free culture, social innovators & global change. I am quiet interested in the discussion on what he says 21st century anthropological view of the personalities in physical / digital world.

Marie Evelyn will present the Analogous initiative, an organization that seeks to support complexity-driven art and artists. She calls it a sort of “Santa Fe Institute” for the arts.

See you if you are around. It is Wednesday 7pm at Location One in Soho.

* The image on top is the stamp I use to mark the predicted receipts of MYPOCKET.

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