burak-arikan-ergenekontc-oda-3 shows the network diagram of the society depicted in the 2455 page Ergenekon bill of indictment. Ergenekon is an illegal covert network found in Turkey, the lawsuit is in progress. Connections between the actors of Ergenekon including people, institutions, groups, places, theories, ideologies, and beliefs, together form a multi-branch crack, which can not be controlled with a single leader nor with a complete hierarchy. Ergenekon does not have a center, it is a decentralized network that has multiple centers. Ergenekon network existed because it was able to diffuse in to hierarchical structures such as government and military organizations.

The project does not look for a meaning in the complexity depicted by the Ergenekon bill of indictment, but signifies its intensive complexity. combines two computer programs. The first program reads the 2455 page bill of indictment document, filters the nouns, and connects them based on their distance in the text. The second program visualizes this networked structure. In the resulting map, the size of fonts represents the frequency of the names, the relative distance represents relationship weights, dark colored areas show the centers formed by high connectivity.

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