Contracted and Expanded (Tension Series, No.3), Antakya Biennial, 2010

Contracted and Expanded (Tension Series, No. 3) 2007-2010
3 archival ink prints

Contracted and Expanded will be shown in the 2nd International Antakya Biennial 2010.

Contracted and Expanded is the 3rd piece of the Tension Series. It is a software that combines drawing with generative processes to explore the expansion and contraction in the behavior of a network.

Tension Series (2007-2010) is a set of simulations and installations exploring the dynamics of complex networks. How one can develop awareness about the “personality of a network”? Intuitive explorations in this series include the parallel passing of time, the relational movement of elements, the aggregation of interactivities, the reminisces of growth, the ambiguity of centralization and clustering, the intensification and de-intensification of complexity.

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