Cartographies of Power, 31st São Paulo Biennial

Two-day workshop “Cartographies of Power” in the 31st São Paulo Biennial.

Cartographies of Power
September 11-12, 2014
São Paulo Biennial

The distribution of power and knowledge is one of the crucial questions of our contemporary moment, yet many of the interconnections and dependencies within the elite are opaque or invisible to most citizens. Making pictures and diagrams of power structures and access to knowledge might allow us all a clearer view of how decisions are made and whose interests are being promoted when power is exercised inside and outside government. Two artists, Burak Arikan and Erick Beltrán and collaborator Zeyno Ustun have been interested in the representation of power, governance, and history for some years. They have each produced their own different cartographies to map the links between elites and the way power flows through the control of access to information. This 2-day workshop will start by introducing each artists’ projects and then proceed by working together with the group to determine suitable subjects for mapping power, governance, and history in Brazil. The intention is that at the end of the workshop participants will have an understanding of the tools needed to map their own interests or to work collectively on a Brazilian cartography.

We will be using the Graph Commons platform for network mapping exercises.

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