After The Net, Observatori 2008, Valencia

Web view of transactions and predictions published as an RSS feed daily for 2 years.
Web view of transactions and predictions published as an RSS feed daily for 2 years.

MYPOCKET included in the After The Net exhibition at Observatori 2008 in Valencia. The show is open at Centre del Carme from 5 to 29 June 2008. It is curated by KURATOR and presenting a selection of online works from an open call by Joasia Krysa (KURATOR), Manuela Moscoso (LaAgencia), Marta Rupérez (TheArtOrganisation), Luís Silva (Rhizome / Lisboa 2.0 Arte Contemporanea).

After The Net is a deliberately ambiguous title: implying that somehow the Net is over in terms of its utopian promises and also making a reference to the documentary film The Net by Lutz Dammbeck (2003). Like the film, the exhibition explores systems of technological control and presents works that draw attention to historical shifts of network power: from cybernetics to free and open source software, and in turn to social networking platforms.

Artists and Contributors: Caen Botto (Universomente), Wayne Clements, Geff Cox (for project.arnolfini), Lutz Dammbeck, Jeff Gompertz, Rui Guerra, Linda Hilfling, Chun Lee, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk (GOTO10), José Antonio Orts, and selected artists from openKURATOR: Burak Arikan, Bestiario, Carlos Katastrofsky, Abe Linkoln, Jimpunk and Mrtamale, Joseph Nechvatal, Cyril de Vroom and Jos Wabeke.

Pictures and documentation will be available at the Kurator website by next week.

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