A Critical Network Traversal, Home Works, Beirut

I will do a lecture on critical network traversal on Saturday May 25th starting 4:45pm at Home Works along with D. Graham Burnett whose talk titled “Systematics, Taxonomy, And Practices Of Collecting”, come join us if you are in Beirut.

A Critical Network Traversal
Ashkal Alwan | Home Workspace, Beirut
Saturday May 25, 2013
4:45 pm – 6:45 pm

A map is not a mere representation or just a visualization of data. As its definition clarifies, a network map as a container of data is a tool to read the topological depiction, make use of relationality at scale, and ‘predict’ future behavior. For this lecture/performance Arıkan will do a combination of his workshops where he explains his process, a walk through a traversal in his maps, a path in the network, jumping from one node to another over the connections, particularly in his recent works MyPocket (2008), Artist Collector Network (2011-), Graph Commons (2011-) and lastly, presenting an overview of next steps in his work departing from his maps.

A Critical Network Traversal is part of Plastic Veins project organized by Zeynep Öz for Homeworks 6.

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