Today is May Day, we celebrate the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. Today we announce the User Labor project.

User Labor Markup Language (ULML), is an open data structure to outline the metrics of user participation in social web services. Our aim is to construct criteria and context for determining the value of user labor for distribution. We believe that universality, transparency, and accessibility of user labor metrics will ultimately lead to more sustainable service cycles in social web.

Please see the examples on the User Labor website. Your feedback and contribution is very important to improve this project.

User Labor was first implemented in, the online stock market for social web labor (learn more about Meta-Markets). Below image is a screenshot of my profile page on Meta-Markets. By clicking on the “View User Labor” link any Meta-Markets user can see how much work I’ve done at Meta-Markets in the ULML xml format (will be displayed as a chart soon).

Also see Engin Erdogan’s “Happy User Labor Day”blog post.

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