User Labor, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York

Today I am giving a lecture titled “User Labor” at Neuberger Museum of Art. I will speak about the flaws I see in the Architecture of Participation –-data ownership, data valuation-– in relation to the User Labor project. We will discuss living physical/digital processes and aesthetics of extreme use in networks and their relation to … Continued

Back to Materiality

After today’s bailout rejection and the big stock market drop, I checked out the full red Map of the Market, there was one spot still green, guess what: gold (Barrick Gold ABX). It is time to go back to make things, sell things, and count the money by hand. * Click on the image to … Continued

Meta-Control, Nocturnal Festival, LA

Last minute operation! After the Minitek show today, on Saturday night I will do another Meta-Control performance with Richie Hawtin at the Nocturnal Festival in LA. It will be at the Beatport Stage, see you if you are around. This time the Meta-Control pieces will be on a monster LED display, which looks something like … Continued

Meta-Control, Minitek, New York

Sep 12th, Friday at Minitek Festival, New York. Penn Plaza, 401 7th avenue (between 33rd and 34th st) right in front of Madison Square Garden. This a 3 day party (12-14 Sep) of electronic music and art. I will perform three new pieces and new versions from the Meta-Control set (starting at 3am). Also … Continued

From Network Diagram to Structured Text

A network diagram, or a graph, can be represented as text in many ways. We want it to be a structured text so that it can be read by computers. A graph is a set of objects called nodes or vertices connected by links called lines or edges depending on the context (physics, computer science, … Continued

Creative Networking

This fall I am teaching a course called Creative Networking at the New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). It is an introduction to complex networks within the context of the arts. It focuses on understanding the structure and dynamics of large-scale networks and expanding the individual’s thinking about the network as a creative medium. … Continued

Growth of a Twitter graph

Twitter connections change over time. We tend to follow more people as we go, but we also remove connections depending our interest and attention span. At least I do. Since I look at the whole network activity from a very thin slice (a list) I prefer to cure my network, I remove some people to … Continued

Customers who bought this book also bought these books

This description connects the books at For each book, Amazon shows other books which are also bought by the customers who bought the book you are looking at. It sounds like a word game, in fact this is a simple description of a consumption network. After reading The Social Life of Book, a visual … Continued

New Design New Things

I decided to use this space more actively. Besides occasional updates, commentary, and links, I will also run experiments and share unfinished sketches. I guess like an extension of my studio. To start with, I’ve added a MYPOCKET widget on the side bar. It shows what I buy everyday, and what will I buy next … Continued

After The Net, Observatori 2008, Valencia

MYPOCKET included in the After The Net exhibition at Observatori 2008 in Valencia. The show is open at Centre del Carme from 5 to 29 June 2008. It is curated by KURATOR and presenting a selection of online works from an open call by Joasia Krysa (KURATOR), Manuela Moscoso (LaAgencia), Marta Rupérez (TheArtOrganisation), Luís Silva … Continued

How Much Is Your Comment Worth?

Today bloggers discuss comment ownership. They are debating whether comments should belong to the blog/service or to the commenter. Ironically the meat of the discussion is in the comment threads. Rob La Gesse deletes his FriendFeed account (all comments disappear), Robert Scoble declares that he owns his comments, Mathew Ingram asks if Scoble owns his … Continued

Looking For a New Feed Reader

Today my RSS reader NetNewsWire reseted itself, I lost all the feeds (500+) I’ve been collecting in the past years. I don’t know what happened, but all I get was the default feed list:, BBC, Wired etc. First of all, I said bye to NetNewsWire and removed it from my computer. Although I like … Continued

User Labor Markup Language

Today is May Day, we celebrate the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. Today we announce the User Labor project. User Labor Markup Language (ULML), is an open data structure to outline the metrics of user participation in social web services. Our aim is to construct criteria and context for determining the value … Continued

Meta-Control Performance at SINK@Reboot

This saturday (April 26th), I will perform pieces from Meta-Control at the SINK event at Reboot, East Village (map). This is a good summer night of electronic music and visuals. See you if you can make it. More info here. Update: Unfortunately the party was shut down by the police. Devrim Kadirbeyoglu shot and edited … Continued

The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran: Urban Jealousy

Call for Art Urban Jealousy The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran 30th May – 6th July 2008 Curated by Serhat Koksal and Amirali Ghasemi Download the Application in WORD documents here (Choose Your Language) Farsi, French, English and Turkish Deadline: April 21st, 2008

Talking at Mimar Sinan University

Will participate in a contemporary arts talk series at the Mimar Sinan University Department of Sociology on Thursday, April 17. Will be presenting MYPOCKET and Meta-Markets in the context of the new generation of media and networked arts. Keywords include immaterial labor, distributed power, open web services, networked conceptual art, complex systems. This post acts … Continued

BarCampMoneyNYC 2008

New generation of finance entrepreneurs will be gathering tomorrow (April 12) at the BarCampMoneyNYC 2008 event. It will be an ad-hoc gathering for the people who work in, cover or seek to change the finance industry to share and learn in an open environment. There is sure something about Paul Kedrosky’s signal as New York … Continued

RSS Ramadan

Today I am doing a 1 day RSS Ramadan. No feed reading until the sun goes down. I don’t know what it means, but I feel like I need it for the health of my mind and soul. Although some other interfaces may interrupt my information diet, this is no problem since the deal is … Continued

Creative Networking Workshop, MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP)

This weak leads to two Creative Networking Workshops, tomorrow (March 19) at the MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP) and Thursday (March 20) at RISD. With Amber Frid-Jimenez we will run the workshops during her course Participatory Networks. Creative Networking Workshops focus on the the design of network protocols as a creative activity and expanding the … Continued


Hergün bir sonraki gün ne satın alacağını tahmin eden ve alışveriş kayıtlarını dünyaya açan bir sistem


Internet üzerinde kullanıcı emeğini destekleme protokolü

Pastie: Twitter for Code?

What are you coding? Let us know, copy paste a snippet to Pastie. Pastie is a service for anyone to communicate through the exchange of quick short code snippets. It is a type of Twitter for code. In fact Pastie is more loosely connected to the “rest of the world” than Twitter. There is no … Continued

YouTube Platform: What Is the “New Deal”?

Today the YouTube Platform launched in Silicon Valley. The new YouTube API allows people to upload, watch, search, and comment on the videos on other websites. That is you can create a web service that has a video sharing feature but the videos are hosted on the YouTube servers. Great! We all want one! Apparently … Continued

Today and Tomorrow

Lots happening these days in NYC. Casey Reas is in town, leading to two exhibitions today at Bitforms and the Pratt Gallery. His new work from the Process series are really nice. Both shows are open through the first week in April. ABSOLUT QUARTET, an interactive robotic musical installation by Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska … Continued

Inscrutable and Polymorphous at Dorkbot-NYC

I will do a presentation at Dorkbot-NYC on Wednesday (March 5). I will talk about my recent projects MYPOCKET, the personal spending prediction software (earlier post), and Meta-Markets, an experimental stock market for trading socially networked creative products. Other presenter Noel Hidalgo will talk about his amazing project the Luck of Seven, an … Continued

Google Alert Loop

Jonah Brucker-Cohen just released a new art project: “Google Alert Loop“. It uses Google’s “Blogger” software and “Google Alerts” to create a blog that auto-publishes based on mentions of specific alert topics sent to the email address specified. He says: The idea is to create a self-perpetuating blog that will publish repeatedly based on the … Continued

Real Time Rome at MoMA’s Design and the Elastic Mind

“Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition opens February 24th, 2008 at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The Real Time Rome project is included in the exhibition catalogue. The exhibition, curated by Paola Antonelli, focuses on designers’ ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and social mores, changes that will demand or reflect … Continued

Connect the Dots Exhbition at Hafriyat, Istanbul

I am participating in the Connect the Dots exhibition (Feb 16, Saturday) with a piece from the Meta-Control set. The exhibition will take place at Hafriyat in Karaköy, Istanbul. Hafriyat, the name of an independent civilian group movement and the name of their space, means “excavation” in English. I’ve first been to Hafriyat for a … Continued

Turbulence Mixed Realities Symposium

Today I am leaving to Boston to attend the Turbulence Mixed Realities Symposium. It is an exhibition and symposium that explores the convergence—through cyberspace—of real and synthetic places made possible by computers and networks. Well, what is mixed reality? Mixed Reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical … Continued

Interview on the Recent Work

For the past few weeks I replied Greg Smith’s excellent questions for the interview on Serial Consign. We talked about our work ranging from OPENSTUDIO to Meta-Markets to MYPOCKET to aesthetics and critique of networked systems. Thanks Greg!


RSG is launching a new project, KRIEGSPIEL – Guy Debord’s 1978 “Game of War” produced for computer. They port this forgotten game to a downloadable computer game. Pre-launch LAN party is on Friday, Feb 8 from 7 pm to 10 pm at MTAA’s Brooklyn Studio. I wish I could join the game, but I will … Continued

Machine Readable Socialite

Well you’ve heard the story, Google launched the Social Graph API. Google searches and indexes all the social connections on the web and opens it up through an API, so that any web service can ask Google who you are and who you know. Like in Google search, a web crawler reads your web site, … Continued

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