Talk: Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks, Le Printemps Des Laboratoires, Paris

I will be participating in the Le Printemps des Laboratoires #3 – Performing Opposition event with a talk on June 6th, and will do a two-day Graph Commons workshop on June 4-5.

“Bloggers, Hackers, Wikileakers, Whistleblowers, Youtubbers : communautés intentionnelles et réseaux sociaux”
Saturday June 6th, 5pm-7:30pm

With Marie Lechner (journaliste), Burak Arikan (artiste), Brian Holmes (philosophe, critique d’art, activiste), Mathias Jud et Christopher Wachter (artistes), et Nathalie Magnan (média-activiste).

Some words on my talk:

Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks

By experience, we have the sense that it is the networks where power resides and circulates. Yet, we end up failing as active agents who have the means of criticizing networks that are large and complex. In this presentation, I will discuss this issue through the recent collective mapping project “Networks of Dispossession” and the online platform for collective mapping of networks, Graph Commons.

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