“New Media: Why”, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York

If you are near New York this Friday by any chance, please stop by our show titled “New Media:Why” at Neuberger Museum of Art. I participate with MYPOCKET, other participants are Margot Lovejoy with her cybernetic confession booth, Douglas Irving Repetto with his humongous networked sound installation, and Paul Vanouse with his fantastic DNA racing “Latent Figure Protocol”. The show is curated by Jacqueline Shilkoff, associate Curator/New Media and the Digital Museum. Also see the preview on New York Times:

“‘New Media’: Brain Trees, DNA, Receipts … and Bells”, Susan Hodara, New York Times

Above is a growing set on Flickr, starting with installation photos and will progress with the documentation of the show.

New Media: Why
March 15 – June 28, 2009
South Gallery

New Media: Why is the fifth in a series that explores aspects of technology-based art. The exhibition will investigate how artists use dynamic, interactive technologies to reveal the logic, structure, and beauty inherent in experimental, non-traditional applications. The exhibition will be presented in the South Gallery and online where audience participation is encouraged. Artists include Burak Arikan, Margot Lovejoy, Douglas Irving Repetto, and Paul Vanouse.

“MYPOCKET”, Burak Arikan
“Confess”, Margot Lovejoy
“Nearly Human”, Douglas Irving Repetto
“Latent Figure Protocol”, Paul Vanouse

New Media: Why was curated by Jacqueline Shilkoff, Associate Curator/New Media and the Digital Museum.

Neuberger Museum of Art
Purchase College
735 Anderson hill road
Purchase, NY 10577-1400

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