Everyone For Themselves: Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop, Witte de With, Rotterdam

Everyone For Themselves: Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 12:00-19:00
Witte de With, Rotterdam

One day workshop focusing on the design and understanding of complex networks through mapping and visual analysis in the context of the art world. Starting from hands on simple drawing exercises participants gradually build complex compositions on the computer. Data will be used from existing online databases or generated through collective imagination. Emphasis on network topology, relationship types, information modeling, and visual analysis. Participants will learn and develop a critique of selected topics through observing and extracting networks, sketching, and discussing diagrams.

The workshop will focus on the following questions: Is it possible to track, follow, and make transparent the flow of capital in the contemporary art world? What are the ethical frameworks of operation in the behind-the-scenes of various institutions, biennales, Documentas, and art fairs, and how are they shaped and informed by the crisis now? Can we draw conclusions on what is being produced, in which context it is being produced, and on what becomes visible and what remains disguised? What is the distinct role of the market-both historical, current, and future- in all of this, and how is our perception influenced, directed and created by the “power-players” in the art world as well as the decisions of politicians?

Graph Commons will be used for visualization, group collaboration, and further sharing

12:00 PART I: How to map networks? Graph theory, ontologies for art and politics
15.00 Break
16:00 PART II: How to analyze networks? Centralization, clustering, network topologies
19.00 Closing

Requirements: Laptop
Language: English

Please apply by writing to this adress:
Email your application form to karin@wdw.nl

More Information on Network Mapping & Analysis Workshops (photo archive)

* Photograph from the Critical Network Mapping and Analysis Workshop, 7th Berlin Biennale

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