View from a dinner and the sleeping spots.

The French pavilion in Venice Architecture Biennale is my favorite. While the rest of the biennale pavilions are showing images and concepts, creators of the French pavilion are living in the given space. They have a kitchen, a sleeping place, a bar, an office, a party space, a watch tower, storage space, and a sauna. Plus wireless internet and wine for everybody. They cook right in front of the visitors and serve them lunch and dinner. They have full on parties with homemade music and drinks. This place, Metavilla, is constructed out of scaffolding, the temporary framework used for construction. This modular system of metal pipes creates a raw aesthetic blended into the honest atmosphere and we experience a great architectural statement. Some architects naively criticized this as the revival of the 60’s commune life. However I think they are the real in the reality of architecture.

The exyzt group is the curator of this living environment. They will be living in this place during the biennale, you can keep up with their blogs, see pictures and movies on their website.

scaffolding kitchen

This kitchen was the most active place.

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