Keynote at Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks Conference, NetSci2012, Chicago

Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks
— 3rd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Northwestern University in Evanston/IL

The abstract of my keynote:

“The network does not exist, it has to be created” *

If the network does not exist and one has to capture this complexity, what happens when we capture it? Do we move from a territory of network to a map of network or vice versa? In Deleuze and Guattari’s words does the network diagram function to represent something real, or to construct a real that is yet to come? I will discuss this dialectical tension of territory and map in the context of networks and in relation to my recent work: MyPocket (2008), network maps of the art world (2009-2012), and the Graph Commons platform.

* Quote from Jussi Parikka in “Summary from some Networkpolitics 2010-conference themes“. March 2010.

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