Five things

Ok I got the “things you didn’t know about me” virus from Sascha, here we go:

  1. In September 12, 1980 in Turkey, when the government was overthrown by the military, I was 4 years old. Right after the coup, it was not allowed to walk on the streets. I remember walking with my mom to buy some bread and a soldier asking us where we were going.
  2. I wanted to be a ninja when I was 9. Worked hard for a while until I fell from a tree. Then my dad brought me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum from his office.
  3. I used to keep an experimental diary when I was 18. I was starting with the literal story of the day, then writing semi-random words one after another. The whole thing was semantically random but phonetically nice to read. Unfortuantely, I lost all those hand written papers while moving here and there.
  4. I changed my mind about being a civil engineer when I saw the career path diagram at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London. For a second year student, it was going to take around 10 more years to become a licensed professional in Europe. I decided not to follow any path dictated like that. After a while, I found my self in the Internet industry.
  5. The Openstudio currency “Buraks” was Kelly Norton’s idea.

I am tagging Kelly, Brent, Luis, John, and Mako.

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