Dynamic Compositions includes 35 programs for exporing the medium of computation by organizing the elements in space and time to create unified structures. It has 5 sets, Active, Reflexive, Reactive, Image-Video, and Information/Noise.

Active set elements change with time. Modulation of movement and phase shifting is used to create patterns in time.

Reflexive set elements change in relation to environment, such as reponse to inputs of mouse, keyboard and time. These inputs are used to alter position, size, direction, and speed of movement.

Reactive set elements have ability to remember their properties such as position, size, color, speed and switch between modes.

Image-Video set explores computational expression in the context of scene-capture, image-play, and interaction.

Information / Noise set explores the information as figure noise as ground relationship through rendering the same structured and unstructured data in the same visible space.

Selected pieces from this work were later performed in cinematic dimensions as part of Meta-Control series.

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