Digital Networks and the Politics of Urban Governmentality Panel, Istanbul, 2010

Digital Networks and the Politics of Urban Governmentality
DataCity Seminar Series

Saturday, October 9 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Amber Platform
Necatibey Cad. No: 66 Karakoy
Istanbul, Turkey

Özgür Uçkan (Dr., Bilgi Üniversitesi),
Burak Arıkan (Artist),
Ahmet Misbah Demircan (Mayor, Beyoğlu),
Silvia Cazacu (Journalist, Romain),
Prokop Istvanek (ZTOHOVEN, Czech Republic)

Technological networks and digital data flow feed both the city government and the urban living in modern cities. Rapidly digitalized urban infrastructure can collect and distribute data about the citizens, property, and any superstructure living on top of it. While this privately developed digital urban infrastructure can help governors to do their work better, it can also let them violate citizens’ privacy. Individuals get transparent for the government and their stake holders, but neither the government nor the infrastructure processes get transparent for the citizens.

How can the data generated by the city can put into commons? How can such open data enable participation in the urban governance? Can participatory urban governance help us solve the complex problems generated gentrification? Are we going to live in a private-public partnership, or are we going to claim our own space with all its variety and richness and live in an open public sphere?

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