Data Asymmetry exhibition at the Winchester Gallery

I am happy to announce my solo exhibition “Data Asymmetry” opens today at the Winchester Gallery (at the Winchester School of Art) in the UK. The show is curated by Jussi Parikka and featuring works MyPocket (2008), Monovacation (2012), Islam, Republic, Neoliberalism (2012), and Tense Series (2007-2012) exhibited together for the first time. The exhibition also features selected maps from the Graph Commons platform.

Jussi writes:

The exhibition addresses critical mapping as a way to understand data culture. The pieces raise questions about the predictability of ordinary human behavior with MyPocket (2008); revealing insights into the infrastructure of megacities like Istanbul as a network of mosques, republican monuments and shopping malls (Islam, Republic, Neoliberalism, 2012) ; remapping and organising recurring patterns in the official tourism commercials of governments with Monovacation (2012); exploring the growth of networks via visual and kinetic abstraction with Tense Series (2007-2012); and showcasing collective production of network maps from the Graph Commons platform. As the works emphasise, the aim of the Graph Commons is to empower people and projects through using network mapping, and collectively experiment with mapping as an ongoing practice.

Jussi Parikka’s post on the Data Asymmetry exhibition.

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