Creative Networking Workshop, MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP)


This weak leads to two Creative Networking Workshops, tomorrow (March 19) at the MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP) and Thursday (March 20) at RISD. With Amber Frid-Jimenez we will run the workshops during her course Participatory Networks.

Creative Networking Workshops focus on the the design of network protocols as a creative activity and expanding the individual’s thinking about the network medium. Emphasis on network elements, network topology, protocols, and information design. Participants learn the most through observing and creating many examples of networks, sketching diagrams, and authoring protocols. Networked systems in this workshop are not limited to the web or the Internet, but participants are required to design diagrams for running systems; running with animal power, social capital, radio waves or any other model depending on the participants’ concepts.

This workshop is designed based on the experimental work we’ve started to do in the Physical Language Workshop at MIT. We’ve been creating and running experimental infrastructures for the past three years. We extract best practices and best concepts, turn them into recipes and teach them in the workshops and courses. Our goal is to support the development of creative infrastructures, to flourish artist run systems, and to develop critical view on contemporary complex networks.

The first Creative Networking Workshop was done in Istanbul, November 2007.

* Top image is “G8” by Bora Akaydin. Created at the first Creative Networking Workshop in Istanbul.

2 responses to “Creative Networking Workshop, MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP)

  1. sir , i wana ask u this something , can u arrange such a type of workshop in india, it will be very useful for us. i am really greatfull to u if u give us the permission. It is a really great source of knowledge for u
    yours faithfully,
    Praveen kumar

  2. yeni medya ya kitabına göre kullanılacak, yeterince önerileri izleyerek ve onlara
    öngördüğünüz eklemeleri yaparak ve istediğinizce sonlandırarak
    örneğin fotografta öncelikle dijital kameralarda başarılı olmak için deneme ayarlarda şans faktörüne bolca yer vererek en güzel görsellere ulaşabilirsiniz
    tabii kendinizi hiç dışlamadan bu arada veya tüm ayarlarda görsel-resimler elde etmeye niyetlenirseniz…

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