Cellular Nations maps global economic data onto a dynamic visual system, representing two hundred and thirty-two world nations. Each nation is depicted as an ellipse shape, sized and animated according to its GDP, GDP growth rate, and inflation rate.

In this interactive software, the ellipses, symbolizing the nations, move across a flat, zero-sum canvas. They are programmed to avoid overlap, changing direction upon collision, reflecting the fluid and interdependent nature of global economics.

A distinctive feature of this system is the incorporation of military power as a factor influencing the behavior of each nation’s ellipse. This power is represented as gravitational force or mass, affecting the movement of the ellipses. Larger ellipses, denoting nations with significant military strength, move more slowly, while smaller, more economically nimble nations move faster and are repelled by larger ones. This setup offers a visual exploration of the interplay between economic and military forces on a global scale.

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