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Brent released the Yummy Tag Buffet, a bubble-up browsing tool for personal del.icio.us tags and bookmarks. Bubble-up is an interaction/visualization metaphor we were discussing in the PLW last year. It is basically the comparison of the sizes of emerging visual elements in time. As certain tags are repeatedly used, they emerge as dominant keywords in a tag cloud. As a result we can compare their growth in time. Check out Brent’s yummy timeline, it has nice features to discover. You can select a time interval, a week for example, and drag it on the timeline to see the frequency of the number of tags. Mouse over the bookmarks on the list and see related tags in the cloud. It is a nice bubble-up browser for digging into the aggregated information. Here is my del.icio.us bookmarks‘ tags for the last 6 months. Apparently programming, arts, networks, politics, collectivity, socialsoftware, economics, and techno-culture are the most used ones:
Yummy arikan bookmarks

Brent also made one for Openstudio tags in the last summer.
Tom Coates of Plasticbag wrote about bubble-up folksonomies.

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