Back to Materiality

After today’s bailout rejection and the big stock market drop, I checked out the full red Map of the Market, there was one spot still green, guess what: gold (Barrick Gold ABX). It is time to go back to make things, sell things, and count the money by hand.

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12 responses to “Back to Materiality

  1. strange how some of us haven’t ever _lost_ the ability the make>grow>create things. it’s times like these that i realise my bare_bone have-close2materialnuttin attitude isn’t so bad:)

  2. @arikan eheh. not just augmented>data farmed netwurks. do u grow ur own food? kno how 2 build basic shelter? have access to water not on tap? can u read animal language? kno how 2 build>lite a fire? so many have lost the ability 2 survive sans mod-[pros+]cons. i’ve always been big on keeping those skills alive:)

  3. Well, wait a minute … there’s quite a lot of material goods happening in the other segments, as well. And the only reason there’s so much money to invest in gold is that it was made in the credit market. (Incidentally, it’s also getting put back into bonds.)

    I absolutely agree; I just wouldn’t use this image to make the argument. There’s a field somewhere else with subsistence on organically-farmed sheep, not visible in this graph.

  4. Oh, and incidentally, having seen communities with subsistence urban gardens, you don’t have to move to a commune to make some of that happen. You can reduce credit spending. You can buy what you need, invest in what lasts. You can make things you depend on without abandoning consumer society; it’s a no brainer. You can buy local produce. And this stuff makes a big difference, fast.

    The one thing you can’t DIY is health care, though, and I think that’s probably the biggest obstacle facing US citizens at the moment.

  5. I captured this image on Monday (Sep 29) after East Coast stock markets are closed. And wrote GOLD on the green rectangle, which is Barrick Gold ABX. After this moment, the whole market changed again. I don’t know much about credit market and gold relationships though.

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