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Artist Collector Network is an ongoing data collecting and mapping research on the “nature” of the society of art. Both artists and collectors are invited to participate with a list of their collectors or artists, so that the data is provided from both parties of an acquisition. These lists of names are connected based on the relationship of being in the collection. Through the self-organizing software map, the names naturally find their position through connecting forces, revealing the central actors, indirect links, and organic clusters. With the third phase of this work, an algorithmic prediction system presents future links between artists and collectors, the probability of a collector acquiring a work from a new artist and vice versa.

Artist Collector Network aims to reveal and question one of the fundamental dynamics of the society of art, the relations of artists and collectors. Arıkan investigates the art world which depends on status, privilege and secrecy via contemporary technological systems that rely on principles of free access, open sharing and participation. The work is presented as a large printed static map and as an exploratory interactive map, where viewers can further navigate the network on a multi-touch screen and find the cross-sections of the research process.

The map contains 46 collectors, 738 artists, and 3256 connections with weight indicating number of pieces. Touching a node on the map, its direct connections are higlighted and its predictions are linked. Data for the map is generated by directly asking to collectors and artists, and confirmed only by the person who provides the data.

This work was started in 2011 as Phase I at Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul, then continued with Phase II at Maçka Art Gallery, Istanbul (2012), and lastly Phase III, again at Borusan Contemporary Museum (2013). Also, a special instance was produced for the 30th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts (2013) that includes Slovenian artist and collectors.

Artist Collector Network: Phase III, Human Economy at HEC
2014, Paris

Artist Collector Network: Phase III, Critical Machines, American University of Beirut
2014, Beirut

Artist Collector Network Phase III, 30th Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana
2013, Ljubljana

Artist Collector Network: Phase III, Datascape, Borusan Contemporary
2013, Istanbul

Artist Collector Network: Phase II, Nam June Paik Award Exhibition
2012, Bochum

Artist Collector Network: Phase II, Burak, Macka Sanat Galerisi
2012, Istanbul

Artist Collector Network: Phase I, Seven New Works, Borusan Contemporary
2011, Istanbul

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