Artist Collector Network: Phase II, Maçka Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul

Maçka Sanat Galerisi
November 01 – December 13, 2011
Curator: Nazlı Gürlek

Collector Artist Network: Phase II (2011) is the second phase of an ongoing data collecting and mapping research project on the “nature” of the society of art. In the process of generating the data, each collector in the map was asked to convey a list of artists in their art collection.  these lists of shared artists connect the collectors on the diagram, which organizes itself by running as a software simulation. The names naturally find their position on the screen through connecting forces, revealing the central actors, indirect links, and tight clusters.

Collector Artist Network: Phase II aims to reveal and question one of the fundamental dynamics of the society of art, the relations of artists and collectors. Arıkan investigates the art world which depends on status, privilege and secrecy via contemporary technological systems that rely on principles of free access, open sharing and participation. The first phase of this long-term project is in the permanent collection of the Borusan Contemporary Museum in the Perili Köşk. In the second phase of the project, the collectors and artists affiliated with Maçka Art Gallery are added to the network. While the static map of the network is displayed in antechamber that face the street, in a second area inward to the gallery, there is an interactive section where viewers can further navigate the network on a computer and find the cross-sections of the research process.

Artist Talk
Tuesday, November 29, 6.30 pm

Network Mapping Workshop
Wednesday, November 30, 10:30 – 16.00
Right after his workshop that he will carry out as an invited guest of the Performa Biennial in New York, Burak Arıkan will hold a full-day workshop in Istanbul where complex networks will be modelled with mapping and visual analysis. The networks will be developed step by step from basic forms to more complex ones. Participation is limited. Those who would like to join should e-mail by November 24th and attend the workshops with their laptops present. The information regarding the location will be announced to the participants through e-mail.

Founded in 1976 by Rabia Çapa & Varlık Sadıkoğlu and ever since with its courageous and avant-garde perspective acted as a significant contributor to the development of contemporary art, Maçka Art Gallery, celebrates its 35th anniversary. In the honour of this anniversary, the gallery is organizing a series of solo shows between September 2011 and June 2012, titled BENGU BURAK VOLKAN ALP ELMAS IZ curated by Nazlı Gürlek. Each show introduces recent works of the most talented young artists from Turkey, Burak Arıkan, Volkan Aslan, Alp Klanten, Elmas Deniz, İz Öztat commissioned by the gallery. Named after the first names the artists, the series of six solo shows underlines the different areas of interest, themes and methods of the artists as well as pondering on the ‘myth of the artist’ that the international art apparatus consistently nurtures.

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