ActiviXML is a dialect of XML developed to facilitate information flow between large-scale social activist communities and individuals. Its objective is to reinforce the impact of social activism events through improved communication.

Central to ActiviXML is the “ActiviXML Schema,” a standardized format designed for documents that detail social activism events. This format organizes information into categories and establishes a hierarchy, making it easier to access and understand important details about these events. The schema’s clear structure aids in the effective coordination and involvement of participants in social activism, streamlining the sharing of information within this context.

sample_activixml.xml: An example demonstrating the practical application of the ActiviXML format.

activixml.xsd: The core schema that defines the structure and organization of data within ActiviXML.

In collaboration with Engin Erdogan.

Element Structure

The top element is the <channel> that describes the source of the information as it is in the popular syndication format RSS. These are the channel elements:

Element Description Example
title The name of the channel. Anti-war Actions
link The URL to the website corresponding to the channel.
description Description of the channel. Compilation of anti-war events.
language The language the channel is written in. en-us
contact Email address for person responsible for the channel.
A channel contains any number of <event>s. The sub-elements of event represents the essential information about the event. These are important for easy syndication of the event.
Element Description Example
title The title of the event. March on Washington!
link The URL of the event.
who Participating individuals and organizations. INTERNATIONAL ANSWER, United Peace and Justice
where Location of the event. Washington Monument
when Date and time of of the event. 2004-05-30T09:30:10
duration Duration of the event. P2H
what Manifesto, call to action March in Washington, D.C. largest anti-war protest since George W. Bush’s May 1 speech on the U.S.S. Lincoln aircraft carrier where he proclaimed “Mission Accomplished.”
contact Email address for the responsible person.
pubDate Indicates when the event was published. 2004-05-30T09:30:10

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