Two week stock market performance, which led up to a live event featuring sensors, live video feeds, and four connected cities: the Oklahoma City, Boston, Munich, and Istanbul. Each location had sensors mounted in the entrance, registered how many people are in the room at any one time, and constantly sent this information to the stock market server. The number of visitors defined the fair value for each place. Each location had 100 shares and gained or lost value depending on the number of people at the location and the speculations in the market.

The project acted as a futures market, where participants traded the shares of each location based on what they think the value (number of people in the physical space) will be in the opening day of the actual event. A virtual currency was developed and used for trading. The stock market started on Nov 20, 2006, the live event took place in four cities simultaneously on November 31, and the market was closed on December 1, 2006.

Simultaneous events took place in the following locations:

Oklahoma City: IAO Gallery (map)
Munich: Muffathalle Cafe (map)
Boston: Art Interactive (map)
Istanbul: Karaoke (map)

A Stock Market in Life utilized the network based electronics prototyping board Pinkie and Open I/O protocol for discovery and data transmission.

A Stock Market in Life was supported by Turbulence and Upgrade! International.

A Stock Market in Life was created as part of the Upgrade! A DAY IN THE LIFE happening, conceived by Horst Konietzny & Tamiko Thiel of Upgrade! International. This project was produced in collaboration with Dara Kilicoglu, Orkan Telhan, Stephan Gschwendtner, Jeff Stokes, Tamiko Thiel, and Jo-Anne Green. Special thanks to Amber Frid-Jimenez and Can Basyigit.

This work was the precursor for the Meta-Markets platform for trading social media profiles.

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