Terms & Conditions, NADA Art Fair Miami Beach 2009

“Terms & Conditions (Facebook, MySpace, Google)”, archival pigment print mounted on aluminum dibond, 60×82cm, 2007 Will be shown in the NON booth at NADA Art Fair Miami Beach 2009. December 3 – 6, 2009 Booth #113 See more images here: http://burak-arikan.com/terms-conditions

User Labor Presentation, New School, New York, 2009

I will present the User Labor project at the “User Labor: Creative Responses Panel”, Digital Labor Conference (Internet as Playground and Factory), New School University, NYC. Other presenters of the session are: Jonah Brucker Cohen, “User Generated Social Structures (UGSS)” Kenneth Rogers, “Capital Implications” Chris Barr, “Caught You Looking: A Report from the Bureau of … Continued

Facebook User Labor Enactments, New York, 2009

Facebook User Labor Enactments is a new live performance by Ursula Endlicher which uses ULML code (=User Labor Markup Language) as choreography. In the performance on November 13, five performers and the audience will together shape the course of the show. Using Burak Arikan’s newly developed ULML-based software application which collects user activity on Facebook, … Continued

NGO Network Mapping Workshop, Paris

Will do a two day network mapping workshop with 30 NGOs from France and Turkey. This is the second meeting of the Civil Society Workshop series started in Istanbul May 2009, where NGOs made hands on network maps of their organizations and issues. After the Istanbul workshop, NGOs did research in their respective fields –such … Continued

Meta-Control, 319 Scholes, New York

Meta-Control performance at the 319 Scholes Launch Party in Bushwick. August 29, 2009. Performing with Sutekh’s live music. Video above from Club Phazon, Tokyo, 2007.

Status Update

This site does not have DDos attacks. Lets get busy here. 1. From now on the blog address blog.burak-arikan.com is burak-arikan.com/blog. All past permalinks work with redirection. 2. burak-arikan.com is now dynamic. Single UNIFIED RSS FEED for all the content. One love one feed. Be it a new project, new documentation, text, interview, talk, workshop, … Continued

Meta-Control, TimeWarp 2009

Two years ago at TimeWarp we performed the Meta-Control set for the first time. Since then it’s been developed further, practiced more, and forked to various versions. Today we will perform these fresh Meta-Control pieces at TimeWarp 09 on a bright LCD screen setup. Also as part of the TimeWarp Festival we participated in the … Continued


Network diagram of the society depicted in the 2455 page Ergenekon Bill of Indictment

“New Media: Why”, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York

If you are near New York this Friday by any chance, please stop by our show titled “New Media:Why” at Neuberger Museum of Art. I participate with MYPOCKET, other participants are Margot Lovejoy with her cybernetic confession booth, Douglas Irving Repetto with his humongous networked sound installation, and Paul Vanouse with his fantastic DNA racing … Continued

Ergenekon.tc Exhibition, Delüks, Istanbul

New work, Ergenekon.tc will be exhibited by Deluks on February 18th 2009 Wednesday. Official announcement below: Deluks 01: Burak Arikan – Ergenekon.tc Music: Baris K. Opening: 18.02.2009 Wednesday 19.00 You can visit the exhibition on Thu – Fri – Sat between 17.00 – 20.00. “Every society has its diagram(s)”* Ergenekon.tc shows the diagram of the … Continued

Recent Happenings

December 25th, 2008. I went to Istanbul for doing a 3 day workshop on networked information visualization, which was kindly supported by Istanbul Bilgi University. Worked with a diverse group of participants from various schools with backgrounds from visual arts to computer science. We covered basic network structure, network topologies, and clustering. We did hand … Continued

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