Happy new year!

A gif animation instance of my new work Arb.

Live Research

John recently pointed out this document from 1988: “How to do Research at the MIT AI Lab“. Well, the conditions have changed a lot with the networked information organization and exchange systems, but there might still be relevant information since it is mostly the documentation of the authors’ personal experiences. Today many research groups at … Continued

Time Person of the Year hides who is in control

You’ve probably seen the new Time Person of the Year. Olia Lialina recently posted this image in the nettime list, she points out that with “You” Time address one particular person, a man they left in front of a personal computer a quarter of a century ago. I think by saying “You control the Information … Continued

Open I/O presentation in 400 seconds

I will be talking about Open I/O at the Pecha Kucha inspired event called 400 seconds in Istanbul. It will start tomorrow (Dec 21) at 7pm at Seksek Taksim Sakizaga Cad. Yogurtcu is merkezi no:19 k:4. Please come around and say hi if you’re around!

Promiserver for distributed creative work

Today I read my friend Brent‘s thesis proposal draft “Promiserver“. He is rethinking the contract system in the context of networked collaboration and creative micro-economy. He has been building web services and APIs to facilitate a trustworthy promise system. As an alternative to written-once static contracts, he is proposing procedural dynamic contracts that emerge from … Continued

A Stock Market in Life Performance

A Stock Market in Life is a market that uses the value generated by the immaterial labor of visitors at different urban spaces in Oklahoma City, Boston, Munich, and Istanbul. These spaces will be connected with each other via a streaming video server for the duration of the Upgrade! A Day in Life event. For … Continued

Interview with Trendsetter

I did an interview with the Trendsetter Magazine for the November issue. We talked about the recent visual projects including Cellular Nations, Follow Dada, Micro Fashion Network, and the Real Time Rome project. Trendsetter Interview, November 2006.

Presentation at Istanbul Technical University Architecture Department

I recently taught a 3 day computational design workshop at ITU Architecture Department. This was an introduction to the fundamentals of computer programming within the context of dynamic visual compositions. Undergraduate students particularly explored abstract macro compositions with details at the micro level. Participants will show their final work at ITU’s amazing Taskisla campus. After … Continued

Remote Procedure Calls for Processing

I’ve packaged a basic XML-RPC library for Processing. XML-RPC is a widely adopted Remote Procedure Calling protocol that works over the Internet. It creates connections between procedures that are running in different applications, or on different machines. This is something I have been using for a while, I thought it may also be helpful for … Continued

WMMNA Interview

We did an interview at We-Make-Money-Not-Art discussing Pinkies and Open I/O. Read the full interview here. Thanks Sascha!

A technology quote from the streets of Istanbul

I saw this great wall writing the other day in Cihangir. It says “If I don’t understand a technology, I call it laser!” And of course an anonymous “I love you” at the bottom right.

Real Time Rome in the press

Go with the flow The Economist, March 10, 2007 “Mixed Signals” NPR, September 19, 2006 A Search for the Urban Edge Wall Street Journal, New York – Sep 14, 2006 MIT Project Maps Wireless Usage In Rome Information Week, New York – Sep 7, 2006 MIT Real Time Rome project to debut at Venice Biennale … Continued

Real Time Rome on NPR

NPR (National Public Radio) features the Real Time Rome project on the Mixed Signals blog by JJ Sutherland on September 19, 2006. It says: “OK, not sure if you can make it to the Venice Biennale before it closes Nov. 19, but those crazy guys at MIT have produced an exhibit, which uses data from … Continued

Missing perspectives in “Free Culture”

I have attended the Wizard of OS conference in Berlin. Main discussions were around free open software culture technology privacy copyrights licenses and so on. In yesterday’s keynote, Lawrence Lessig simplified the “everybody is producer” paradigm into RO (Read Only) vs. RW (Read Write) culture. Mixing media is good, fight DRM, use open source software, … Continued


View from a dinner and the sleeping spots. The French pavilion in Venice Architecture Biennale is my favorite. While the rest of the biennale pavilions are showing images and concepts, creators of the French pavilion are living in the given space. They have a kitchen, a sleeping place, a bar, an office, a party space, … Continued

Real Time Rome to debut at Venice Biennale

We finally opened the Real Time Rome exhibition in Venice Architecture Biennale. I designed and developed 6 visual software in collaboration with Francesco Calabrese. I don’t have words to talk about this project now, so here what MIT news office says: “The project utilizes data gathered, in real time and at an unprecedented scale, from … Continued

Live software presentation in Pixelspaces 2006

Next day in Ars Electronica, I presented three live software from the Real Time Rome project in the Pixelspaces session organized by Pascal Maresch. I presented with Carlo Ratti who showed the work of the Senseable City Lab at MIT. Other presenters were Toshio Iwai, Horst Hörtner from the Futurelab, and Andrew Shoben from Greyworld.org. … Continued

Simplicity panel at Ars Electronica

On September 2 and 3, I was at the 2006 Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. I took part in a symposium along with Olga Goriunova and Jason Kottke on simplicity organized by John Maeda. John asked us to bring images that make us think seriously (or lightly) about simplicity / complexity? We mixed them … Continued

Warm up

Currently, we are building the Real Time Rome exhibition for the Venice Architecture Biennale. I am putting the last touches to the 6 software I developed in collaboration with Francesco Calabrese. An instance of this work will also be shown in Ars Electronica Pixelspaces 2006. Preparing movies for the exhibition.

make install

I left Boston. I am right on the Mediterranean sea in Venice. I am on an island called

A Stock Market in Life

Stock market to evaluate the value of physical and informational space


Six software-maps utilize data from cellphones to visualize crowds in Rome


Aggregated signals from the edges of a self-organizing networked system


Software services for composing and running networked electronic media over the Internet


Electronics prototyping board for composing networked physical media

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