2013, Custom software, video on 47” LCD screen, digital print (180×120 cm), projection (300×150 cm)

Monovacation cordially invites you to “the vacation” of vacations… The official tourism commercials of countries in competition with each other have been selected and each film has been divided into the possible tiniest clips. The clips, 3-4 sec long by nature have been coded with tags. Through a network diagram which run as a software simulation, these tags are connected to each other via shared clips have found their positions on the map. Then, a new sequence have been generated through a traversal in the network map, jumping from one node to the closest, following the path of the most central tags. Shores from Egypt to Portugal, woman from Israel to India, mythological figures from Thailand to Turkey here comes an extracted fantasy of “vacation”…

Read the full concept text by Zeyno Ustun

Three part installation:

Projection (3 min loop) – Official tourism commercials of countries which are competitors of each other, used as data and presented in grid form.

Digital Print – Network map of tags connected by shared clips, generated by the content analysis of the tourism commercials, where the blue color represents the traversal path used for editing the new film.

Video (6 min loop) – Generic film algorithmically reedited by a traversal on the network map.


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